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Best senior care near me



Well-being, happiness & better health  stem from remaining

physically active & mentally stimulated as well as socially engaged.


We provide structured activities & exercises geared towards residents' interests & abilities. We bring multiple outside contributors of many talents on a weekly basis 

Mobility Impairments

Learning HULA Dancing

cheap senior care

Living for her GARDEN !!

Nursing Home Games

SCRABBLE time : Brain Food

Hoyer lift, partner lift transfers

SITTING PRETTY in the summer breeze

CNA, RN, homecare, caregivers

Walking the Garden - getting EXERCISE

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Getting Started on Our Monthly Road Trip

Hospice Resident - Care Partners

Sing-Along Favorite Tunes

Assisted Living Activities

Competition is fierce...but friendly

Social Participation- Dementia

Our Annual GARAGE SALE !!!

Poor Mobility but still Homecooking

Sharing Old Family Recipes with Love

Senior Community

BELLY DANCING - end of show : meet the cast

Residential Care Facility Show

ART SHOW - Meet the Artist Event

Family Caregiving

BINGO winners

Congestive Heart Failure.  COPD

SHARING a cup of coffee, a cookie, a smile... and the beautiful day in the back yard

Mental Health therapy : Bipolar

Therapy Gardens for our most Avid GARDENERS

Complicated or Complex Wound Care

BIRD BATH : awaiting its guests

in-Home Care - Home Health

Bringing Country Music and Joy into the house

living with Alzheimer's disease

Family Time : Sharing Memories and Love

End of life Caregiving

A couple of Pirates Ready for the Trick-and-Treaters

Stroke. Parkinson Activities

Everyone can join us for our quarterly private BELLY DANCING SHOW !!

Behavior  Challenges- outdoors activ

Ahh...The ZEN of a peaceful GARDEN...

Traumatic Brain Injury


Compassion, independence, dignity

Neighborhood Tricksters in search of Candies

Spinal Cord Injury

Bargain Hunting : GARAGE SALE

Medical Transportation

On our way to the TULIP FIELDS

Lewy Body Dementia

Scarrry! HALLOWEEN: the Joker stopped by.

Senior Care Facility

The smallest BIRTHDAY CAKE - a preview to the real one.

Bedriden, Bed Mobility

Our Feathered RESIDENTS' housing

Memory Care Activities

Kicking off our CHRISTMAS PARTY

Walker / Wheelchair Bound


Best Care for Elderly


modified diets for elderly


Senior Housing

Magic Christmas LIGHTS and SNOW.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Bird Watching with Friends

Independent Living with in-home help

REMINISCING about old Travel Adventures


I choose  Joy

When I think about all the residents and their loved ones that I have taken care of over the years, I know some of them won't remember me nor I them. But I do know that I gave a small piece of myself to each of them, and they to me…
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