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Where you eat & sleep so close together you can't help but know & care about  each other .

Upscale Amenities - Homelike Environmnent

WE  provide the highest level of care, being licensed as a class III

Adult Foster Care Home, because of our medical background, training and skill

We are particularly well equipped to provide care to the resident with complex or higher needs.

We are yearly re-licensed  by Washington county/ state of Oregon and hold a

 NO DEFICIENCIES SURVEY for 17 years in row


WE ARE A SMALL RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY with a passion for seniors. We take them in our house, which becomes theirs. We welcome them in our hearts, and they become FAMILY. We learn what makes them smile, we get to know their families, friends, doctors... We share into their joys & sorrows. They love us back many fold.

WE ARE a kind & gentle alternative to impersonal NURSING HOME Care.

We are able to provide most skilled tasks with greater attention to detail & continuity of care. We know our residents- We know them well. We know what makes them smile & what brings them comfort. 

WE ARE a smaller, homier alternative to any MEMORY CARE/DEMENTIA UNIT
WE have a higher staffing ratio at all times: during the day & awake/ ready to assist at night. Our utmost load is 5 guests per caregiver on duty, (ensuring much higher levels of care & closer supervision)

The older I get,

the more I realize

I just need the simple things in life: 

a comfy home,

good food on the table &

to be surrounded

by the people I love

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